Family Group Sheet for Odus Hill

Family Group Sheet for Odus Hill.

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Snow 18-DEC-2014

WE had just enough snow to make things beautiful for awhile this morning, so I took some pictures.



If you care to view others I took go to Pictures.

Enjoy, and do make comments please.

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Weather Dec 17, 2014

It is cold and cloudy outside, temperature 30 degrees. We are to get moisture, rain, ice sleet, and snow tonight and tomorrow. I will be here in by my computer you can bet.

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Gray Heron on O’Hara Pond

Gray Heron on O’Hara Pond.

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Gray Heron on O’Hara Pond

A Gray Heron was sunning himself September 17, 2014 at O’Hara Pond island

DSCF0327 DSCF0343 DSCF0344 DSCF0345 DSCF0351

I do not know where the heron nest is but it must be close by as we seen herons almost everyday all thru spring, summer and fall.

Some refer to them as “shitepokes”, I had a uncle which called the sich. They hang around the waters edge and sometimes you might see them catch a small fish.

They are every shy, if they see us they fly.

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2013 Fall foliage at our place

Slideshow of pictures I took around our 80 acres in October 2013 when the foliage was turning colors.

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Farm Ponds

We live in the rural South Central Kansas, Reno County, Center Township, where the Red Rock Creek runs through our 80 acre property. The header picture you see at the top of this page is one of three ponds we have on the Red Rock Creek. The Pond shown in the header was built by William Henry O’Hara, (my wife’s father) in the 1970’s. We have just recently tried to restore it. The Good Lord Blessed us with 3.5 inches of rain last week and that filled all three ponds. This is wonderful after two years of drought. Having done some dirt work during the drought years and raising the slipway, this little pond has not had this much water in a long time. The hard thing to explain is after two years of drought and two of the three ponds being completely dry, and the third nearly dry, how were the fish able to survive? We have see several large carp, I have see small finger link fish? Can you explain where the fish we are seeing came from? It is great have our Ponds back full of water.

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Is it a Swan or Is it a Goose?

Fowl visiting The O’Hara Pond this week.

What is it, a Goose or a Swan?

We had a Swan visit the pond a few years ago for a couple of days, but it was different than this one. This one has black feet, but an orange beck with some black on its face. It is defiantly bigger than a Goose, yet I am not certain it is a Swan either. Can there be a cross bred between geese and swans? Click on the link below to see slideshow.

What is your thoughts?

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Pelicans On The Pond

Pelicans visiting The O’Hara Pond – April 11, 2013

We have had pelicans visit us in the past over the years in the spring time, but this year we have had more than usual. We first seen them about three weeks ago off and on. Sometimes they would stay over night and sometimes they would be here for only a short time. They were very shy at first, if we stepped outside they would take off. They are becoming more accustom to us and do not always scamper if they see us, but will stay at the north end of the pond. This evening as the sun went down I had an opportunity to take some pictures I want to share with you. It was hard for me to decide just which ones were the best . You can click on the images to enlarge them.

pelicans-2 pelicans-3 pelicans-4 pelicans-5 pelicans-6 pelicans-7 pelicans-8 pelicans-9 pelicans-10 pelicans-11

The are looking for fish, however because of the drought the past two years I do not think there is very many fish in our pond as of now.

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April Snow

Winter is still hanging on!

Here it is April 3rd and we are getting snow. We ask for moisture, so we will take what ever we can get…..


You probably can not tell it, but my apricot fruit tree is starting to blossom. Hope the snow is not too cold for it. The temperature outside is about 36 degrees and it is not suppose to freeze tonight, I hope! O’well spring will arrive when mother nature is ready for it to….

Tomorrow it is suppose to be warmer and the sun is to shine. I need to get out and work on pasture fence.

What is it doing at your location?

That is about it for today, keep warm and dry.

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